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Krista Stuart


Krista (Paul) Stuart was born and raised in Hays, KS. She graduated from Hays High School in 1998. After completing high school, she attended Fort Hays State University and received her Bachelors of Arts degree specializing in communication in 2003. Upon graduating, she moved to Kansas City with her husband and worked at a company in the accounting and billing department. Krista has also taken chiropractic assistant training classes in Kansas City, MO as well as worked for Patrick R. Stuart, DC as one of his assistants in St. Francis, KS.


While attending high school she was involved in many sports and unfortunately experienced back pain, which is when her father took her to her first chiropractor. After experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care and knowing how active she was with exercise and sports, she knew that she would be a chiropractic patient for life.



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